Auckland Wedding Hire - wedding and function decor and prop hire for Auckland and North Shore City

Wedding and Event Decor Hire for Auckland and North Shore City


DIY Brides

We know weddings can be expensive and budgets are often tight.  We want to offer you affordable yet stunning options to ensure you get exactly the look you are after (and still have some cash left over to spend on that perfect pair of wedding shoes!)


Individual decor rental items
Our decor items may be rented on a piece-by-piece basis. Each piece is listed on our website with full details, measurements, pricing, and plenty of images. Feel free to call us, or use our contact form to enquire about the items you like. If you can’t find what you are after please let us know, and we will do our best to source it for you.


We are a boutique operation and have a small home-based studio, not a show room. If you are interested in viewing our decor in person, let us know, and we can arrange this at your convenience.


Delivery & returns
If the thought of rushing out to collect your vases is too stressful, then we are happy to courier your items to you (for a small additional charge) or if you would prefer, you (or a willing friend) can pick them up from us in Milford, North Shore.


All items have a standard hire of 5 days, giving you enough time to check them out before your big day, and allowing some lee-way to pack them up and get them back to us. PLUS, you don’t need to clean them, just return them in their original packaging and we will do the rest.


DIY Flowers
We are able to source beautiful and affordable flowers for your centrepieces. These can delivered to you the day before your wedding so you have time to arrange them before your big day. We would love to chat to you about your ideas and can give you advice about what is in season and what flowers will be most effective for creating the look you are after.